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Dear Readers, future brides and followers, it is with immense pleasure that I share with you the photos of our beautiful bride Naik.


This beautiful, full of joy and good vibes bride came to see us at Belle en Blanc in June to find her dream gown for the true Lavaux wedding in October of this year… She tried a few dresses only and immediately fell I love with beautifully crafted, delicate beaded lace dress by Augusta Jones. The dress, called Liz, was unique to our boutique in Switzerland, as Olga had it made by the designer to fit the style of our lovely Swiss brides.

Naik looked just breathtaking in “Liz” dress, with deep v-neck cut in front, very low and open back and a flattering fit and flair, feminine silhouette. The gentle touch of beads with lace made the whole look just dreamy.

When I received the photos (only 5 weeks after the wedding) I was truly touched and moved. I have never met the husband of Naik, Shahin, but I was totally blown away with the way Shahin looks at his bride.

Oh dear, these two have something really special going on…. Now, don’t get me wrong, of course they are young and some might say naïve, etc…. but when looking at their wedding pictures, I really had tears coming down… this couple just feels special and the way they look at each other, well, it just touches me!!

Have a look for yourselves and do put in comments below, do you also have the goosebumps looking at this couple?? L.O.V.E

patiently waiting for the woman of his life ..

love is in the air

don’t we just love men who can kiss this way?



they are totally destined to be together , true love

this look again…. we are melting 🙂


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5 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

#1: Shop nearby!

Choose a shop that’s is either conveniently located next to your work place or to your home. It’s not just about the purchase, it is also about the fittings and if you live in Lausanne, maybe it’s not convenient to fly all the time to London…

#2: Limit your number of visits

Ever heard of dress overdose? The brain can only handle a few options at a time, so do yourself a favor and limit it to one or two shops so you can use all your brain power in choosing dresses and not shops.

#3: Do your research and use event to your advantage

Keep an eye on your local boutique event’s and make sure you rsvp to all their sample sales, trunk shows and discount events. You never know when you can save money for your special day.

#4: Quality has a price

If your dream dress is from this year’s collection of a very well-known designer, don’t expect it to be discounted. Also, don’t expect to find quality on a very low price. Try to find a balance between price, quality and your dreams.

#5: Boutique Fees

More and more boutiques are charging clients for the appointments. It’s a way for them to better segment their clients and to give a value to the consulting service they provide. Good boutiques will refund this value when you order the dress and leave you feeling confident, happy and informed.